Instructor experience documentation for Merged Courses?

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Our institution is using the course merge tool. I'm unable to find documentation about using merged courses from the instructor or student perspective.

What changes take place to D2L functionality after a course merge? I would assume one could do things like have a release condition to have activities or announcements available only one section of the course, email certain sections(s), etc.? What is the student experience like? Can they see other sections or see the classlist for just their section, etc.? What other changes occur for users after a course is merged?


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  • David.G.850
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    When merging a course, the two (or more) courses are merged into one main course with multiple sections.

    As per the above links dealing with Sections, they will divide your class and can help manage large enrollments. Sections make it easier to organize assistants, assignments, and grades.

    When sections exist for a course, users only see learning materials and users from their own section. Release conditions are available to make content, assignments, etc. only available to students in a particular section. If no release conditions are added, they will be visible to all students regardless of section.

    If you want users to see all users and content for a course, but be a part of a group for a specific project or activity, use the Groups tool instead.

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Sarah.W.901 Students from one section might be able to see the names of students in other sections when looking at groups in the Classlist if the config variable is OFF, which it is by default.