How do I connect to the Brightspace API?

I am an application integration developer for the University of Rhode Island. How do I connect to the Brightspace API to retrieve data for integration with Starfish?


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    Hello @Kevin.G.123

    Brightspace API is available to all D2L customers and partners running Brightspace Core. Brightspace API Automation is a series of free, self-serve resources and tools that enable your organization to automate processes and quickly solve problems using the API. 

    Please check the below articles for more detailed information.

    Getting Started with Brightspace API Automation

    Starfish and D2L Interface

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  • Kevin.G.123
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    When I try to access the Learning Page for Learning Postman with Paul, I get the authorization error message below.

    Not authorized

    Error: Not authorized

    You are not authorized to view the page you are trying to reach.

    If you believe you encountered this page in error, and that you should have access to the resource you are trying to access, contact technical support.

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    Also for many other links, I get this response:

    Brightspace Community

    Single Sign-On Error

    We can't log you in because of an issue with single sign-on. Contact your Salesforce admin for help.