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Multiple Choice vs Matching Quiz for Answers with Numbers

Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱

Is there a way that the "Question 4" headings can be removed for multiple choice questions? Ideally I would like just the picture and no heading at all. It complicates things when the answers are numbers as well.

I tried to create this quiz as a Matching quiz, but that didn't work because again — the numbers complicate things. I just want a student to be able to say "5" — not have to select number "1" to mean number "5".

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks :)


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  • Chelsey.Y.865
    Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱
    Answer ✓

    I ended up using Matching and figured out that I could put a double space in the answer box instead of a number or word.