Pagination not working with Sections in quiz

I have two sections sequentially one after another in a BrightSpace quiz. The first one is visible to students. The second is not. Under "Timing & Display" - "Paging" I have set it to "Add page break after each section". There are no questions in the first section. It is just some descriptive text introducing the second half of the quiz…but I can't put the content into the next section because I am using the second section as a divider for different question types.

So…the problem appears to be that: when you have a "Section" containing no questions followed immediately by another "Section" that is not visible to students, the system does not insert a page break between the two.



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    Hi Mike,

    I've reproduced the issue described and cannot find a workaround for you. In this instance best to open a case with the Support team to investigate. They can troubleshoot with you further and determine if the behaviour is a defect that needs to be addressed, or if the tool is working as intended. Hope that helps!

  • Hello @Mike.B.559

    It appears this issue is related to a current defect related to Page Break after each section ignores empty section.

    Once confirmed, details should be posted to the Known Issues List, reference defect 01839976. You can bookmark the Known Issues List Updates discussion if you would like to be notified when new items are being added.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Bharti Bhardwaj

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    The term "empty section" is ambiguous. To clarify, in this instance the term "empty" refers to a section that does not contain any question items as opposed to a section with no textual (or other) content in the "Section Text" box.

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    This is an actual link to the Known Issue itself.

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    We'll be watching this issue as well. We have curriculum developers with quizzes that cannot be used until the page break problem (1652695) is fixed.