How can I submit a support ticket?

Wanda.B.947 Posts: 5 🌱

I have a question regarding an issue on our platform, but I no longer see any way to submit a support request on the new community portal. Am I missing something? Can someone point me to the page where I can do this?

To be clear, I am the admin for our agency's Brightspace platform.

Thank you,

Wanda B.

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  • Wanda.B.947
    Wanda.B.947 Posts: 5 🌱

    Thanks, Ricardo; this was what I was looking for. You could also update the Contact Us page with these details, as it needs this information. The menu item "ASC Homepage" is not obvious, and I suspect others may be looking for it too.

  • Ricardo.S.110

    Thanks for your feedback Wanda.B.947.

    I'll pass it on to the Community team.