SSO Debugging


We have SSO configured on our Live and Test Brightspace instances, usually without any problems but very occasionally some people report that they get the "There was a problem processing your authentication". These users all have active Brightspace accounts.

I am assuming that the issue is that ADFS is sending the SAML Response containing a username that Brightspace does not recognise, but I have no way of confirming this. Is there any way that we can tell what username Brightspace is receiving from ADFS?

I did try enabling SAML logging but when I changed my user account and attempted to login via SSO again I got the "there was a problem" message but nothing was logged in the System Log.




  • Mohamed.F.137
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    Hi Neil,

    Have you tried using a browser extension with a SAML tracer. I have used this in the past to get info that does not reach BrightSpace. It should show all the actions and give you an indication of what exactly is being sent over to BrightSpace.