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Hi All,

I understand that if I want to drop the lowest grade in a grade category (ex. 5 quizzes, drop lowest so only 4 count), I need to make sure the points are distributed evenly and all quizzes are worth the same amount.

But what if I want to make the last quiz worth more points to really help students bring the grade up? Can I put that quiz in the same category or no? If not, how would I still drop the lowest grade, do I need to exempt people from their lowest one? That may not be feasible in a class with 500 students for example.

Thoughts or ideas appreciated.

Thank You.


  • Ajith.J.824

    Hi @Kevin.H.200

    Thank you for your question! If you want to make the last quiz worth more points and also drop the lowest of all quizzes, the Category settings won't be useful. I'd suggest going with a Formula-based Grading System for the Grade Book. In the Final Grades, you can then use a formula similar to this-
    =SUM{ [test1.Points Received][test2.Points Received][Test3.Points Received][test4.Points Received][Test5.Points Received] } - MIN{ [test1.Points Received][test2.Points Received][Test3.Points Received][test4.Points Received][Test5.Points Received] }


    I hope that helps.

    Warm regards,
    Ajith Joseph