Course Publisher (D2L / Canvas) - Add a new D2L course off. to an existing integration in Canvas?

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Once we set up an integration between d2l and Canvas using d2l Course Publisher, how can we add new course offerings to this existing integration in Canvas?

For example, our client has 18 d2l course offerings. They have an active integration between 9 of their d2l course offerings and their Canvas account using d2l Course Publisher. How do we add 8 new d2l course offerings to this existing integration?

Do we need to create a new Course Publisher recipient and a new d2l+Canvas integration for these 8 new course offerings?

Below is a screenshot showing our current Course Publisher settings for this client. As you can see, the bottom 2 course offerings are old courses from 2022, which were successfully added to their Canvas and used by students.

The new 2023 course offerings have been set up in d2l and added to their course publisher page, but I am not sure how they are supposed to add these new courses to their Canvas. I have already shared these new LTI links with their LMS admin.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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    hello - since the handshake/registration is already done, you only need to click the 'link' icon on the far right of the icture above to get the individual LTI launch links for each of those courses. Each link will be unique to the course.

    Then, send that to the Canvas course admin. The course admin can then head into the Canvas course they want to link out to, say 'Medical Terminology course 5' and follow just step 4 here in the Canvas guide .