Can I link a submodule from one module to another module?

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I have a submodule with content in a module. I want the same submodule to be accessible from multiple modules. Is there a way to either link the original submodule or copy it to more than one module?


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  • Lindsay.S.331
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    Hi there! This is a great question as I can totally see how that would be useful throughout a term! When I want my students to refer to a module (or submodule) in more than one place, I do this within the Brightspace Editor by selecting "Insert Quicklink > Content > Module/Submodule". It offers easy access to the content without recreating it in multiple places. I included an image below that highlights the "Insert Quicklink" menu within the Brightspace Editor and pointed to Submodule link as well. I hope this helps 🙂