Intelligent Agent for Final Grade Below a C


I am trying to create an intelligent agent to notify students when their overall course grades (final calculated grades) are below a C. However, there are no options for this under "release conditions" in the intelligent agent.

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    Hi @Colleen.K.387

    If your Grade book is set up to display a grade scheme symbol, such as A, B, or C, then each letter represents a performance range that a student has achieved. I recommend you first verify what range each letter of your grading scheme represents. In the example below, D will be assigned for scores between 0% and 25%, C for scores between 26% to 50%, etc (see below):

    • You can check your Grade book scheme in the "Scheme" tab of your Grade book:

    With those score ranges in mind, you can set up the desired release conditions accordingly. Using the example above, if you would like an Intelligent Agent to trigger a message to students who performed below C, you would set up its release condition as follows:

    < =


    I hope this is helpful.