Nesting Categories in Gradebook?


Wondering if someone can help with this very specific issue:

I created a Category in my Gradebook for "Assignments" because I only want to count their best 10 submissions towards their final grade.
One of my Assignments has two parts - Group and Individual. Each part is associated with a different External Learning Tool (submission).
I want to combine the grades for the Group & Individual parts into ONE "Assignment" item.
How can I accomplish this?

My thought was to create an "Assignment 1" grade Category for the two separate grade Items (Group and Individual) to count as one, and then nest the "Assignment 1" Category within the general "Assignments" grade category. Is this possible? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for the help, Brightspace Community!


  • Sara.B.381
    Sara.B.381 Posts: 1 🌱

    I would create an "Assignment 1" grade under your Assignments category. Then, I would download the individual grades you want to combine and the "Assignment 1" grade column into a .csv file. You can use Excel to add the grades together and copy the final grade into "Assignment 1." You would then reupload that file to the gradebook.