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How do I know if a file is in the /custom_widgets/news folder in Public Files? I am attempting to upload a photo there that can be added to a WidgetConfig as outlined in the Slim Announcement Widget. I uploaded the file to Manage Files in Campus Administration (which actually says Course Administration when you get to the page?), and from there I published it to the LOR. Is that the same thing?


  • Rusha.S.831
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    Hello @Anne.M.329,

    Thank you for reaching out via Brightspace Community!

    May I suggest you try uploading the file by following the below steps and see if this helps?

    • Go to the Admin Tools
    • Search for Public Files/Shared Files

    I also found this article that can be useful for you - Properties for the Slim Announcements Widget (Note: The file you indicate must be in the /custom_widgets/news folder in Public Files or the Manage Files area of the current course depending on which configuration you intend to modify.)

    I hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,