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An instructor just brought to my attention that Checklists, even ones that are not visible or have a start date that has not been reached, can be accessed by students under Course Tools>Checklist. Instructors often want checklists to only be accessible after a certain time so this causes problems. Is there a workaround for this?



  • Priyanka.P.262


    If we create Checklist using Content and hide that Module it can be hidden from students until Instructor wants to share it with students.



  • Isaac.M.201
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    I wanted to contribute two additional alternatives to this discussion that may fit your needs more specifically:

    1. If the expectation is always for students to be accessing these checklists as part of their navigation of the Content tool, either your instructor or an administrator from your institution may be able to Customize the Navbar of the course in order to remove the "Checklist" tool from the "Course Tools" Link Group.
      • From the course, you may navigate to "Course Admin" and then "Navigation & Themes".
      • Under "Custom Links", they may have the option to modify existing Link Groups, or create a new one based on permissions.
    2. If you would like for the Checklist tool to stay available via the Navbar, but enforce that specific conditions need to be met before students are able to view the Checklist. You may want to consider adding a Release Condition to the Checklist itself.
      • For example, a Release condition of "Content - visited content topic", would allow you to select a topic which students need to visit in order for the Checklist to become visible.
      • Please note that the Checklist would be entirely hidden from students until the chosen Release Condition is completed.

    I hope this proves to be useful!

    Isaac M

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    Thanks Isaac that's very helpful!

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    I find it odd that individual checklists cannot be hidden/not released to students the same way quizzes, assignments, rubrics, etc can be hidden from students until faculty members are ready to release them. Might be worth a PIE item.