Sections, Groups & release conditions

Nicole.H.311 Posts: 9 🌱

At my school we need to get better at using Sections, Groups and release conditions to create different tracks for students. I need to better understand how sections and groups interact when it comes to the release conditions. I need to run Multiple groups of students in the content at the same time and for them all to have their own due dates. without it being combersum. any help would be appreciated on this topic. I cant seem to find what I need in the data base.


  • Mary.C.485
    Mary.C.485 Posts: 13 🌱

    We've done this to some extent with creating groups, enrolling using the BUM tool, and releasing assignment areas to each group. The content will still be visible to all students as long as they are enrolled on that course but anything released to individual groups would only be visible to that group.

  • Nicole.H.311
    Nicole.H.311 Posts: 9 🌱

    BUM tool? will this allow us to release the same item to different groups with different due dates?

  • Jason.H.500
    Jason.H.500 Posts: 37

    This sounds like a lot to manage. How are enrollments handled? Do you enroll students manually/via Bulk User Management tool?

    You could enroll students in sections (manually or via Bulk User Management tool), then use Special Access on all your assessments to change dates by section.

    If you use discussions, you could restrict them by section, so students can only communicate with other students on the same "track".