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How Do I determine if a module/topic is hidden using APIs?

Bryan.K.563 Posts: 2 🌱

For a course that I am working on, I would like to create a table of contents that lists the modules and topics contained in the course. Each module represents a unit and contains multiple topics (lessons). In addition, I would like the table of contents to show the modules/topics that are visible to students not list any module or topics that are hidden from students.

To accomplish the above, I have used the table of contents api to retrieve a list of modules and topics for this course. According the Brightspace API Documentation ( https://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/res/content.html#ToC.TableOfContents ), when I receive a file, the object should contain an isHidden property. However, when I receive the file, the isHidden property is not included. Please see the moduleinfo1 and topicinfo1 images.

Is there a method to determine if a module or topic is hidden and, if so, which api should I use?

Thank you.


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  • David.G.850
    David.G.850 Posts: 8
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    Hi Bryan, it sounds like you have something pretty cool planned. My first guess would be to access the Content.ContentObject to pull this information. Being in a school board in Ontario, you may want to speak to your TELT contact to see if she can support with this. I know @Peter.Phinney4260 has created a dynamic table of contents HTML page and widget similar to what you're describing, and your TELT contact could likely perform an introduction.