Quiz grading

Is there a way to view then grade only the incorrect answers to a quiz question?



  • Anne.M.329
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    Not sure if this is what you need, but I know that you can grade by question, and if you uncheck the View evaluated responses box, then choose a question to grade, it will only show responses that have not yet been graded, though that does include correct answers. The next time you go in to grade, tho, it will only show you the new responses.

  • Hello @Angela.E.408

    Thank you for connecting with us through Brightspace Community. May I request you to provide a bit more information on the ask here? Are you inquiring about a way to grade students after they've attempted a quiz and only need to review their incorrect answers?

    Please Provide us with an example so we can understand the scenario and assist more effectively.

    Best Regards,

    Mohit Bhargav

  • Hello @Angela.E.408

    Thanks for sharing Screenshot and explaining the issue in depth, We have identified this as a feature request. Kindly open an idea in the community Product Exchange Ideas 

    The Product Idea Exchange is designed for direct submission by our clients and end users to our Product Development organization and has the following advantages:

     • allows you to receive direct updates on each request you submit

     • allows other community members to vote on ideas

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     • ensures ideas that have the greatest impact on our clients and end users receive consideration for inclusion in future releases.

    We look forward to hearing from you at the Product Idea Exchange!

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    Mohit Bhargav