How do you set up Brightspace for rolling intake?


One of the programs at our organization is changing from a cohort based model to a rolling (continuous) intake model. Each program participant has up to 5 years to complete program. I was wondering how to best set up for such a design and also know what tools should we leverage in Brightspace? We were intially thinking to set up a course shell for each year so if someone starts in August 2023, they would be in the 2023 course shell that has all of the modules they need for the 5 years. The following year we would set up a 2024 couse shell for anyone enrolled in 2024. The issue is that we need to invite anyone who enrolls over the years to the same sychronous workshops which can be atteneded online (via Zoom integration in Brightspace) or in-person.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone out there has rolling intake for their course and how they manage/designed the course using the Brightpspace tools and features. Thanks!


  • Maureen.B.923
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    The closest scenario that our org uses is that we have a course where, after users are done it, they get scheduled for follow-up training. The Operations team runs a Learner Progress report via the Data Hub on a weekly basis for users, then sends the list to the instructor so they can schedule follow-up training outside of Brightspace.

  • Olivia.T.773
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    Thanks for your response @Maureen.B.923