How do I create group assignments

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what are the steps to create group assignments?


  • Janet.W.813

    This is all handled by our Groups tool.

    First you want to create the group in the Course Admin area, name it and choose an enrollment type and total number of groups. For more information on these settings, check out this link:

    Under Additional Options, check the box to Set up assignments.

    Once the group is created, you will be prompted to Create Assignments for the group.

    Complete the screens and the workspace will be created.

    For the group assignment, the group makes a single submission (could be multiple files depending on assignment settings), and all members of each group are given the same grade for their group submission. Anyone in the group can submit.

    Hope that helps!

  • Moaz.M.734
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    hi there, I am wondering if we can have group assignments this way:

    • 4 groups, each group has a specific assignment linked to it
    • students randomly placed into these 4 groups and submit individually - marked individually also

    The purpose of this is to have 4 different type of assignments and thus lower the chances of plagarism. The reason we are using Assignments(dropboxes) rather than Quizzes is because our instructors would like the ease of using rubrics.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

  • Janet.W.813
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    Hi @Moaz.M.734,

    For the use case you have outlined, groups will not work. Everything can be accomplished with groups, with the exception of a unique assignment for each group - learners would get the same assignment.

    An alternative option would be to use Special Access.

    To do this, create four separate Assignments and within each Assignmment, manually choose from the Classlist which learners you want to access each Assignment. Other learners cannot access any Assignment they do not have access to.

    There is no auto-enroll feature, so learners would need to be added/updated manually, but this allows all other use case requests: individual submission, individual grading, and rubric attached.

    Hope that helps!