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I am the D2L trainer on campus, and I have a colleague who can view his grades in his gradebook; however, from the student's view, one of his graded items does not appear. Again, the graded item is visible on the instructor's side but is not visible on the student's view. I checked all settings, and the graded item in question is marked as viewable.

Also, the same colleague has a quiz that had a question that needed to be fixed. All students had already taken the quiz. I was able to get the quiz scores updated but the new scores will not post to the Gradebook. Any assistance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Please call me at 325-574-7977 or call my cell at 325-242-4884.


  • Furkan.K.312

    Hi Donald,

    Thank you for asking the question. This seems to need more investigation; can you please create a case? Here is the link to how to create a case

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Donald.Sewell1129 Does the grade item have start and end dates that may be preventing it from showing to students?

    As for the quiz grades, you might need to retract feedback for all attempts and re-publish to the gradebook in order to get the grades to sync again.

  • Donald.S.633
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    I have already tried the retract feedback and republish as a means to resync the gradebook. I have also tried updating all attempts through the questions settings and retried retracting feedback and republished and still no change. The other issue is that students can see all the grades except for one set of grades. The instructor see all the grades. I have already tried the swith between due date to end date and I tried end date to due date, neither resolves the issues of the students not being able to see the grade in the gradebook. Thanks for your assistance I will create a ticket.