Change the background of a D2L credential information page

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My name is Ervin Howard, Instructional Designer of the University of North Georgia (Oconee campus).

I need some advice and assistance about the D2L credential information page that is generated after a recipient earns a digital badge. I attached a copy of an image of D2L information page that shows the credential information of the digital badge.

Question: Can you change the background image that surrounds the digital badge of the D2L credential page?

The background looks like a spiral web. We would like to introduce our university brand and its colors.


Ervin Howard, PhD

Instructional Designer


  • Hi Ervin,
    Thank you for asking this question. Unfortunately, the answer is no; the background is not customizable.

    Thank you

  • wendymcelroy
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    That is too bad, would be a great opportunity for branding when using the URL to share away from the institution.

  • emhoward
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    Yes, it is unfortunate but I hope D2L will resolve this issue where organizations can incorporate their own branding.