Can a link to an LTI be created on the navbar?

We are trying to integrate Campus Labs course evaluation into Brightspace. We were able to get it so that it could be added to a course, but we would rather have one link on the navbar. We put the link up, but authorization errors resulted.


  • David.G.850
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    edited March 2023

    Hi Dan,

    Would you be able to clarify the process you used to test your Navbar link?

    To my knowledge, if you've set up Campus Labs as an LTI tool , you should be able to add to the Navbar via Create Custom Link, then Insert Quicklink

    If you haven't set up the LTI yet, I've attached the documentation from Campus Labs below to first complete. If you need it, I've also attached a link to our Brightspace Community outlining how you can create and add a custom link.

    I hope this helps!