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Was wondering if anyone had any tips on best approach to using the LOR for entire course offerings.

We want to be able to offer the same course offering to 10-20 different partners, and the plan is to put the course offering in the LOR, then using that content in the LOR make it available in each of the 10-20 seperate course offerings.

The key problems we are facing.

1. The content on the Units does not come in from the LOR.
2. Quizzes - the quizzes don't come in from the LOR you have to add the quiz questions manually and then essentially rebuild the quiz in each course offering. Doing this 20 or so times, is very time consuming.
3. Assignments - the assignments don't seem to upload to the LOR, so again we have to remember to rebuild the assignments on every course offering.

Ideally we just want to publish an entire course offering to the LOR, and then make the exact same course available to each of our partners. We have around 40 courses that we want to do this with, with betweem 10-20 different partners; so ultimately this could be up to around 800 course offerings so huge amount of work to do lots of this extra parts manually. Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to make this process easier


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    What we do is make what we call Master Courses.

    Then give the people who need to make changes to that Master Course the Faculty/Instructor role.

    Then give the people who need to copy it into their Real Course a Student/Learner Plus role. (Which is a role copied from our Student/Learner role with one added permission right to copy courses)

    Then the Faculty/Instructor can go into their real course and use Import/Export/Copy to Copy the Master Course or parts of it.

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    Thanks @Jonathan.Sorrenti6628 - ah yes this is basically exactly what we were thinking as well, and having to import/export the parts that aren't in the LOR.

    Which isn't ideal approach; but was the only way we could see how this could work.

    Nice to hear that we are thinking the same lines as you, and hadn;t come up with some overly complex way, when the system could do it in an easier way!

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    Update for others that have been looking at this.

    We have now been looking at using the "Bulk Copy Course" functionality, we are in quite early testing of this, to see if it works but it seems like it might make things easier for us. More info on it here: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/4345-set-up-copy-course-bulk