Two different class averages in quiz statistics

I have a quiz that is showing two different figures for the class average. If I am in Manage Quizzes and select the Statistics tab, a "quiz average" is displayed (in this case, 43.67%). However, when I go to the Statistics area for that same assessment, a different "class average" is shown (51.31%).

What's the difference between the two? Are they calculated differently?



  • Are people allowed multiple attempts? I'm wondering if one average is of the 'final' score and the other is of all attempts?

  • Alas, no. I ended up putting in a ticket with the USG support folks, and the tier one rep kicked it up to their end-user support manager. To be continued.

  • Olly.F.893
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    • I've done some digging… Try this:
    • Go to Quizzes, then the Users tab, then select any quiz attempt. Select Save and Close. The quiz statistics may update. Let me know if that corrects it!