Intelligent Agents Course Copy/Release Conditions

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Is there a reason why the release conditions do not copy over in Course Copy with Intelligent Agents? For example, I want a student to be enrolled in another course if they get a grade of x in grade column y. The same grade column is copied over. The IA enrollment settings copy fine. Why doesn't the release condition copy over if the content and grade settings are the same? Is there technical logic behind this (is a grade column tied to a unique ID in the original course?)

It is frustrating because I want to set up an intelligent agent in a master that will be copied over to hundreds of sections. I assume this would mean I'd have to set up the release conditions again over and over in each section.


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  • Olly.F.893
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    When you copy intelligent agents using import/export/copy, and choose the option to copy particular tools, are you also selecting the option to copy the release conditions as well as the Intelligent Agents? I just did a test for an IA and could copy one that had a content release condition, as long as I'd ticked the box to copy release conditions too.

  • Jessica.M.964
    Jessica.M.964 Posts: 3 🌱
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    Thank you! Got it.