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Kathleen.C.887 Posts: 24 🌱

Hello! I am wondering if anyone created a calculator widget. I wanted to be able to add this to quizzes.



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  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hey @Kathleen.Covey9490,

    Thanks for connecting with us here at the Brightspace Community.

    Based on your question- are you looking to have a built-in calculator in Brightspace? At this time we don't have a facility that will do that within the product itself. A few suggestions for your consideration (depending on your technical skills some of these might be easier than others):

    • Find an online calculator from a third party site and embed it into the content area of the product - that will give the appearance the calculator is in D2L for the learner
    • Design some custom HTML that can do the calculation
    • Design a custom widget that you can use to be included into the course (note custom widgets are only available at the home page and can't be placed in the content itself)

    I'd suggest putting in an item in our Product Idea Exchange to have this reviewed by colleagues at other institutions and upvoted!