Does the Reset Evaluation option work?


I've been trying to use the ‘Reset Evaluation’ option on quiz attempts because I've deleted questions. I did not like the questions and a majority of students answered them incorrectly. My quiz went from 52 questions to 47, and that is being reflected in the quiz attempt. I can see that I removed the questions because of the message, "Note: Question was removed from the quiz, and only occurs in past attempts that included the question" is at the top of those questions when I view their attempts.

When I attempt to use the Reset Evaluation option, I'm given this message, “You are about to discard any changes made in evaluating this attempt. Question scores will be reset to the system auto-evaluation.”

Based on the wording in each of these descriptions, I assume if I reset the evaluation, D2L would not score the questions that I removed from the quiz because this is a past attempt. However, the quiz is being scored and graded on the same questions and values

I'm sure others do a similar practice when they want to remove questions that are unfair or that they were not covered by the class materials.

The quiz is associated with a grade item and I changed the point value from 52 to 47. Any insight is much appreciated.