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Release Condition based on Calculated Grade Item

Tara.R.951 Posts: 1 🌱

I'm trying to set a release condition so that the next unit would open when the average score on the previous unit is a certain percentage. I don't see a way to do this? I have created a calculated grade item for the unit, and have release conditions on each assignment so they must complete each to move on. I know I would need to have the release condition be that they have completed the last grade item,as the calculated average is running and would show even if not all the work was complete, AND the calculated average is X%. I don't see a way to do the latter? Is it possible? Thanks!

Best Answer

  • Sarah.W.171
    Sarah.W.171 Posts: 18
    Answer ✓

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for reaching out. You cannot select a Calculated Grade Item for a release condition, only individual grade items. On the unit, you could add multiple release conditions about each assignment, but not point to the calculated grade item you've made for them.

    Hope this helps!