How to collect comments from course reviewers

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Hi all,

Am keen to know if/how others gather comments/feedback from anyone reviewing a course (enrolled as Learner)? We're considering using Bugherd or Toybox but perhaps there is an inbuilt feature we could utilise? Would love to know what others do.

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    Hi @Donna.Watson8434,

    Thanks for connecting with us here at the Brightspace Community.

    Surveys are an excellent way to solicit feedback from participants regarding any aspect of a course. For example, use surveys as a method of collecting course evaluations, mid-year reviews, or researching people's learning styles and content delivery preferences.

    1. Navigate to a course.
    2. From the navbar, click Surveys.

    To guide Learners how they might submit feedback check out the Submit course feedback with the Surveys tool article in Community.

  • Donna.Watson8434

    Thanks @Aasim Yac947, grateful for your suggestion. We do seek feedback from participants via an inbuilt survey. This is more about a way to capture feedback from external reviewers. For example, reviewers may wish to provide feedback on a particular page or paragraph. We wondered what methods others might use to allow reviewers to comment throughout the course. Hope this clarifies.

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    Hey @Donna.Watson8434 - Thanks for providing that additional information. Another tool I often use is the Course Content Feedback tool which you can learn more about through the Course Content Feedback community article.

    I'll continue to look around for additional tools that could be used to solicit feedback from external reviewers.