Can a lecturer set up a Virtual Classroom for someone else to open as moderator?


We have a query from lecturers who would like to set up Virtual Classrooms for someone else to open and run as the moderator. Currently the lecturer has to start the VC and hand over presenter rights before signing off. Naturally this means the lecturer has to be available at the start of the session, which can complicate things.

Is there a particular permission that prevents someone else from starting the VC? Is it possible to delegate the moderator at all without having to be available at the start of the session?

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  • Janet.W.813
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    Hi Mary,

    Yes, there are settings that need to be configured by your Administrator to give this access.

    Required Brightspace permissions

    Instructors and administrators must have the following Brightspace permissions set at the Course Offering level:

    • Launch External Learning Tool Links
    • Create Quicklinks from available External Learning Tools links
    • Create External Learning Tool Links from available External Learning Tool Providers
    • Delete External Learning Tool Links

    Administrators must have the Manage IMS Configuration permission.

    Learners must have the Launch External Learning Tool Links permission.

    Hope that helps!