Assessing with Rubric not saving in Gradebook

I have a professor who has developed a rubric to assess students abilities on physical skills for their nursing program. The skills are observed in person and then documented in Brightspace to assign a grade.

The items in the grade book do not actually have an assignment linked to them as they are performed in person.

The professor has linked the rubric to that particular grade item though.

However, when the professor goes to assess the student from the grade book using the Rubric, no changes they make are actually recorded or saved.

Is there any reason this may be or something that was not done or set up?

Do they need to have an assignment in Brightspace in order for that part to actually work?



  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 234 🌟

    Does the rubric have points or percentages?

  • Timothy.W.146
    Timothy.W.146 Posts: 12 🌱

    I suggested that the professor actually add points or something along those lines to the rubric and that allowed them to save it.

    They stated that they used to be able to do this without having to assign a point value, but it appears that has changed.