What permission lets Instructors view a retrieved LOR object in the content tool?

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I'm starting to think this is a bug... Our instructors can publish to the LOR, view the objects inside the LOR, and retrieve them into their course... But once they try to view the retrieved item in the content tool, they get an error message below:

  • As the admin, I CAN see their content in the content tool.
  • If I switch to Participant view, I can see the content too.
  • If I impersonate the instructor, or switch to Instructor view, then I get the error message too.

I've looked at all LOR permissions and they appear to be correct:

LOR permissions:

LOR trust:


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  • Christin.W.370
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    HI @Maureen.Barrow3520,

    The permissions required would depend on how the LOR object was created within Content. The LOR permissions are documented here with any possible requirements or interactions with other permissions.


    Since granting permissions at the Trust does not automatically grant the permissions for the role, you may also need to mirror LOR permissions from the Roles and Permissions screen. Are there any discrepencies between the trust and other LOR permissions?

    There should also be additional information available in the System Error Log that would help troubleshoot and identify the reason the page is not being displayed for the role. Perhaps contacting our Customer Support team with more details would be the best option to investigate this issue.

  • Maureen.B.923
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    I knew it was a permissions issue, but couldn't see where I was going wrong. Turns out:

    • You need to give “View Objects in the LOR” permissions at the Organization level - even if the content was in a Course Offering level.
    • We have 3 different Course Designer roles, and only one of them was missing this permission.