Unexpected IPSIS Enrollment Behavior

Justin.D.359 Posts: 2 🌱

Our institution regularly sends files to IPSIS to populate/maintain our students course offering and section enrollment in Brightspace. We have encountered an issue with course offerings containing multiple course sections (i.e. cross-listed courses). If a student changes enrollment from one of the course sections under a course offering to a different course section under that same course offering, we will send a file to IPSIS listing the update for the student's enrollment to the new course section and the delete for the student's unenrollment from the old course section. Regardless of the order of these records in our file (delete record first before update or vice versa), IPSIS is unenrolling the student from the parent course offering for the course section(s). As a result, the student is unable to see the course and we have to manually correct by submitting their UPDATE record a second time to the IPSIS system.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? It seems like a possible defect for D2L to address?



  • Julie.L.787
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    Hi @Justin.Dwyer6797 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community and for raising this issue.

    In this case, we recommend creating a support ticket so that our folks can have a closer look at your Brightspace instance.

    In case it's a handy resource for the future, check out our IPSIS D2L Standard CSV Course😀

  • Marla.W.523
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    Yes, we see the same behavior if a file contains data such that students unenroll from one section and then enroll in another section of a cross-listed course. 

  • Justin.D.359
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    Thanks Marla and Julie,

    So per Julie's comment, we reached out to D2L with a support ticket and were informed that this has been identified as a new software defect: 01726825.

    We've been informed by D2L that the developers are actively working on a fix for this but as far as I know we have not been given an ETA for when it will be available yet.