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I have an instructor who has an exam that ends at 5:30. She wants to make it so the students can access their incorrect questions for 5 minutes beginning at 6:00. She has created an additional view in the Submission Views to start at 6:00. Does the time difference negate the possibility of doing this? She has a 5:30 due date on the exam.

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    In short, yep. The important language in the additional view setup is 'after submission'. Since that language pertains to each submission as an individual item, trying to set 5 minutes for each student isn't possible unless each student submitted at exactly the same time. The 'limited time' setting is really only useful per student immediately upon submission.


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    Hi @Steve.Mitchell2855 ,

    We're thrilled you've reached out to the Brightspace Community with your question.

    We connected with our Quiz experts and they provided the following information regarding your use case:

    When setting up additional submission views the Time Limit (shown in the attached image) is tied to when an individual learner completes the Quiz. In this example a learner would have 5 mins for this additional view but only starting at Feb 7, 2023 10:15am.

    • Learner completes Quiz at 10:15 - they will be able to see this additional view until 10:20
    • Learner completes Quiz at 10:14 - they will be able to see this additional view starting at 10:15am until 10:19

    @Natalie Dea115 for line of sight.

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    Additionally, we found a related PIE item and encourage you to provide comments within, pertaining to your use case. (D5828)

    Find out more information about how to access PIE within our Community FAQ's.

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    So does that mean that if a student finished at 10:00 they wouldn't be able to see the Additional View at all?