Accessing Class Progress after the end of semester

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The menu for individual student progress contains fewer options after the course has finished (just Summary, Course Access, and Login History). I want to view whether or not a student engaged/opened course content. How?


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    Hey @Jane.Swanson9790,

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    The class progress tool does make everything disappear for courses that have ended. But if you change the end date to a future date it comes back and you can get the data you were looking for and then end the course again.

    To stay up to date about how we are taking your feedback to continuously improve your Brightspace Experience, please follow the PIE item number D951 User Progress Data After Course Is Closed which is currently under planning. Additionally, might I recommend upvoting the idea and adding additional comments to the PIE board so our product experts can learn how this might benefit your use case.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you, @Aasim.Y.704,

    Our institution is also requesting for the progress view be available after a course has ended. It's imperative for us to be able to view progress of our past users for certification purposes. We are encountering a number of customer service issues on our end because we have no way of verifying what content items they did or did not complete after the course ended. Thank you for providing the PIE item number. We have gone in and voted for this idea to pushed forward with production.

    Thanks again!

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    Hey @Heather.K.449 - that's awesome! Glad I could help.

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    This is great information. I recently learned how to enable student access after a course has ended. It has been very useful for students during internships.