What function do "Enrollment Options" play on the "Add Existing Users" screen?

When I choose "Classlist"/Add Participants/Add Existing Users" (and I find "existing users" misleading because these are users registered in Brightspace, but not yet registered in my class... why not say "Add Brightspace Users"), I get the following screen:

My question is, what do the Enrollment Options fields do? I assumed they would become defaults when I selected a student to add after filtering, but they do not seem to be applied. When I add a new student I still have to select the role and section for each new student added. When I search, the Enrollment Options fields are reset, and after the search, the fields in the user entry I'm adding are unset. Changing the Enrollment Options after the search does not affect the role and section selected for a specific entry.


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    Stefanie... Thanks for the response. Sorry to be a nudge on this question, but I think we're getting closer. Try going through your last numbered list. My experience is that I go through 1-5 to set up the entire screen, then 6. hit the magnifying glass icon to perform the search, and when I do, the "Set all Roles to" and "Set all Sections To" fields get reset to "--Select a Role--" and "--Select a Section--" respectively.

    However, I have discovered that AFTER the search is complete, I can use use the dropdowns to select a role and a section, and use the "Set all roles" and "Set all sections" buttons to update everything found by the search. From a usability point of view, this might be more obvious if the Enrollment Options came AFTER the search options instead of before; and obviously, the documentation needs to reflect this as well.

    Also, I would suggest NOT resetting the "Set all Roles To" and "Set all Sections To" fields when a search is performed.

    I also question the current behavior... the "Set all roles" and "Set all Sections" buttons current apply to the entire list. It might be more useful if these buttons ONLY updated selected items (and so the buttons would be titled "Set Selected Roles" and "Set Selected Sections" respectively.)

    I can add these suggestions to the PIE if it's appropriate.


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    Hi @Thomas.Bartenstein9755

    Sorry this answer wasn't as quick as the other one- I'm not as familiar with some of the details here and have requested a hand from some fellow D2L-ers to learn more with you.

    Here's what they've shared with me

    Enrollment Options is the area where you enroll a user in the course and select the role type for that user in the course. These options are only available if the user has the classlist permissions to create/add users to the classlist. If you find this language confusing, you can look into the Language Management tool and customize the terms to your preference - "Add Brightspace Users"

    To do this, you would select

    Admin Tools > Language Management > select the system language pack being used > search for the classlist tool and a keyword to narrow search > change to custom value

    If changed, "Add existing" will display as "Add Brightspace Users"

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    Stefanie... Two comments on your response...

    1. It's great that Brightspace has a way to customize the text of a prompt. I'll pass that on to my administrators to see if they want to do that at my sight... but that will only resolve my site. User's at other sites might have the same confusion.
    2. The real question was not the text of the prompt, or how to enroll users as much as what do the Enrollment Options fields do on this screen? I can't figure out why the Enrollment Options fields are present, and several colleagues and I have been confused about whether to use them or not.

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    Hi @Thomas.Bartenstein9755

    Thank you for helping me to learn more about your question, and for your patience as I learn more.

    1. You're correct adding custom language terms to a Brightspace Site will change that language on your site, but not on all Customer Sites.
      • Your feedback that "Add Existing Users" seems confusing has been shared with the Implementation and Product Teams.
      • To further advocate for a change to be made that would impact all Brightspace sites you can create a Product Idea that acts a formal way to track and encourage others to vote for this type of change. Ideas help our product teams build their roadmaps and think about how closely related ideas might be incorporated into a work cycle.
      • This resource explains more about How to Access the Product Idea Exchange (PIE), and this one offers more insight on the way the product team uses PIE items to plan for changes that impact all Brightspace sites everywhere Brightspace Roadmap and Ideas from PIE - Brightspace (d2l.com) (hope this helps- but let me know if it doesn't, I want to learn and improve with your help)
    2. My understanding is that these settings allow you to add a user that exists in Brightspace, to the Classlist of a specific course.
      • I was able to find this information on the "Set all roles to" drop down list, and the "Send Enrollment email" checkbox, as well as the search options- but will highlight to my colleagues that more information on "Set all Sections to" is still needed.

    1. Under Enrollment Options, from the Set all roles to drop-down list, select the role you want to assign the user you are adding to the Classlist.
    2. To send the user an enrollment email, select the Send Enrollment email check box.
    3. Under Add Existing Users, in the Search field, enter the name of the user you want to add.
    4. Click Show Search Options, specify the following options, and then click the Search icon:
    5. Click Show Search Options and specify the following options:
      1. Search In - Select the First NameLast Name, and Org Defined ID check boxes.
      2. Enrollment - To set the search filter to filter out users already enrolled in the course, deselect the Include Users already enrolled in org unit check box.
      3. Search Type - select Starts WithExact Match, or Contains. Selecting Starts With or Exact Match narrows your search and improves the speed at which your search results are displayed.

    I agree with your observation here-more documentation in the Higher Education Administrator Documentation on this specific page in Brightspace would be helpful to offer more detailed information on each field. I've reached out to our Implementation Team to learn more from them in regard to each field. I've also connected our Knowledge Team that writes our documentation to request their assistance in sourcing more content on this tool in particular.

    Hope this helps to provide a bit more


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    FYI... based on this discussion, I have opened a PIE entry: Improved Enrollment Options Usability (D9910)

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Thomas.Bartenstein9755 I'm so grateful to you for staying in touch, updating this thread with your excellent suggestions, and for your efforts contributing this information to our PIE!

    That was a great step!

    Grateful to be learning with you and from your excellent feedback!