Does this config variable still operate? d2l.Tools.Content.FontFace

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I thought that variable was going away. I haven't set a default font, so, according to the documentation, browser default is it for new pages in content that do not have a style sheet. I just looked at settings in Content in a course, and, apparently, it is possible to set a variety of fonts, browser default or several selections, none of which makes me happy. Since we are in Daylight, shouldn't Lato at least be there for an instructor to choose? What am I missing here?



  • Sreelakshmi.N.546
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    Hi Renne,


    This is a current change of functionality in Product Idea "HTML editor: include Lato in font list for consistency and accessibility (D5103)" > For consistency and accessibility, include the Lato font as a selection in HTML editors and anywhere in the system where one can choose the font.





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    Hi Renne,

    I believe Sreelakshmi already answered the question. I am unsure why it's showing

    Let me know if you still have any further questions.