Quiz Types for Various Situations

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*) I am using ordering quizzes for some of the quizzes in my course. Unfortunately, with the curriculum being uses, some of them are not one answer per number. 

1 is a separate answer from the answer that follows the comma.  

I don't know how I can make these into ordering quizzes since there are two separate answers for each number. Please let me know if you have an idea or a different quiz format that would work. I don't love fill in the blanks because spelling counts.  

*) Another issue is with quizzes that have only a few possible answers where many of the answers are right 2 or 3 times. I can't enter multiple numbers per answer in an ordering quiz though and don't want to list the answers repeatedly.

Please let me know if you know of a different quiz format that allows for the same answer to be used multilple times.  



  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Yeslech,
    I'm sure there are a few approaches here that might work- but a thought I had was that you might use the quiz "hint" feature to give the options spelled correctly that are the answers to the blanks.

    That way, you've given the correct spelling for the Student to copy and paste, and the assessment remains focused on their ability to recognize the match/order.

    Hope that offers a new possibility that might be handy.
    Grateful for your question and the opportunity to learn from your comments and others here in Community!

  • Chelsey.Y.865
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    @Stefanie Bal729 I didn't realize you could use hints as word banks. My wish is that they were at the top of the page and visible all the time.

    In the meanwhile I had already created word banks at the top of these quizzes so I think I'll stick with that.

    Thanks! This is good to know for the future…