How do the geotag metadata for ePortfolio objects get populated?

Steve.B.446 Posts: 67
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According to the API documentation, ePortfolio objects can be geotagged. ( ) As I support a Geography course, I can see some potential use cases for this functionality.


Does anybody know how that gets populated? I was hoping that for images that had geotagging data in the EXIF it would automatically populate on uploading to the ePortfolio, or when taking photos with the ePortfolio app on a GPS enabled device, but I haven't been able to do this so far.





  • Hi @Steve Bentley​ ,


    Great Question!


    At this time, the only means to GeoTag an ePortfolio object is via the API itself, namely through use of an external application.


    In general, in exploring our valence docs you may come across objects and/or properties that the product in its current state does not make use of but are made available to our users (via API) who may wish to extend our product through use of their own (registered) applications. The ePortfolio GeoTag is an example of that.


    Having said this, if you are interested in having the product leverage this data, specifically through workflows in the Brightspace User Interface, I would recommend that you feature request that in the Product Ideas Exchange.