Managing 2 different quizzes, 2 different awards within one course



We have two different groups of learners doing segmented content within the same course. We're using Sections for the first time and think we have the segments and release conditions for the different content, quizzes and awards under control, with the exception described below.

In the Gradebook, both quizzes display for users in each of the two sections. This impacts their Grades progress summary (ie, their final grade is diluted by the inclusion of the quiz they don't need to do). Ideally Section 1 users would only have Quiz 1 grades in the Gradebook and Section 2 users, only Quiz 2.

I'd be grateful for thoughts on how to resolve?

Thanks in advance.




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    Hi Donna,

    There is only 1 grades tool for the course offering in which you'll always see all grade items, unless they have been intentionally hidden. You can however view the Grades by filtering on the Section. This will not hide grade items that are not visible to learners enrolled in that section (hope that makes sense).

    Using Categories in the Grade tool and aligning Grade Items under each respectively will also help provide some order to Grades. The following image captures/is an example of what I'm referring too.

    Learners in the Class Progress tool will always see the completion for the activities they have access to based on content and activity release conditions: Assignment submissions 1/1; Quiz completed (1/1); and so forth.

    You should also consider the following setting in Grades > Settings > Calculation Options

    • Under Grade Calculations - Ungraded Items
    • Select Drop ungraded items

    Learners who have not attempted assignments/quizzes that are not visible to them, and have therefore not been awarded a grade, will not have the grade item (numerator and denominator) values included in their final grade calculation. This is also reflected in the image above.

    The following resource may be useful

    Hope that helps!