How to reorder gradebook items


I want to change the way my gradebook is set up. Currently everything is organized by categories, like Assigned Work (which contains the majority of the items), Weekly Tests, Extra Credit. But I want the items to appear instead in the order students complete them each week, like the first assignment in Week 1, the second assignment in Week 1, the third assignment in Week 1, the Week 1 test, then the first assignment in Week 2, etc. Is there any way to do this?



  • Ricardo.S.110
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    Hi @Peggy.R.1517

    Yes, it is possible to rearrange the grade book of your course as you wish.

    To move items in the same category, follow the steps below:

    In your Gradebook,

    • Click Manage grades
    • Then go to "More Actions"
    • Select Reorder

    You will then be able to reorder grade items under the same grade category.

    But if I understand correctly, you also have items under different categories that you wish to move around. If that's the case, you will first have to reassign the desired grade items to different categories or even delete categories.

    The quickest way to do through the following steps:

    • Go to "Manage Grades"
    • Click on "Bulk Edit"
    • Then you will be prompted to make the desired changes.
    • Don't forget to save

    To delete undesired Grade Categories/Items, you can simply select them, go to "More Actions," and hit "Delete."

    Please let me know if this is useful.

  • Peggy.R.1517
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    Yes, I have items under different categories, like Assigned Work, Weekly Tests, etc. and wish to move them around. So are you saying, for example, I should change the category of all of the Weekly Tests to Assigned Work, so that I'll be able to number them in the order I want with all of the other assigned work?

    Also, is there any way to automatically order items by Module, instead of having to change the numbers for every single item?