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We use a content repository on Sharepoint to host our files like the course syllabus, assignment descriptions and so fort.

When we use the share link from these resources and use the option Create new —> Add link and then want to show the file directly (that's without opening a new window/tab) the file isn't shown. Probably due to security reasons.

When I set the link to open in a new window/tab it works fine, as the file is opened in the Sharepoint environment.

However, I do not actually find it user-friendly to direct student to new tabs to view core course content. I was wondering how you tackle this problem. Do you direct your students to a new tab to view the content? Or did you discover a way to view the file directly in Brightspace when such files are hosted on Sharepoint.

Of course when we add the files directly to the course we can view these files directly in Brightspace, thus without the need to open a new tab. However, If you make adjustments you have to replace that file, since changes are not synchronised, which is a advantage of hosting those files on Sharepoint.

If you create an LTI integration with OneDrive is it then possible to view files hosted on OneDrive/Sharepoit directly in Brightspace, for example.

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  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Arman,

    For security reasons on the Microsoft endpoint you may not use iframe to embed SharePoint files. This is related to the same-origin policy resource sharing mechanism built into web interactions. I believe LTI, or the OneDrive LTI integration, leverages the cross-origin policy and OAuth to get around these restrictions.

    At this point, and as you have highlighted, the alternatives to having the resource open in a new tab, are to use the OneDrive LTI integration; or add the files into Brightspace.

    Hope this helps!