Remove badges

Hi. I'm experimenting with badges and certifications. I've created a badge in my course when completing a checklist, executed the scenario as a learner (got the badge!), then back as a teacher I removed the badge from the course. Now I'm not able to remove the badge anymore from my account. How can I remove all earned badges from my course?


  • Sarah.W.171
    Sarah.W.171 Posts: 19

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for reaching out to Community. Might the workflow of 'revoking' a badge work here? Either by clicking on the Award while looking at the Classlist Awards page or clicking 'Revoke' you are able to remove the earned badges. I see what you mean about it still being there even if Removed from the course. Hope this helps!

  • Mark.A.2638
    Mark.A.2638 Posts: 4 🔍

    Thanks Sarah! Yes, I can see the Revoke button (only by going to "Course Admin - Awards"), however it is grayed out and I can not see a way to get it enabled. Oh, and for your info I'm working in a sandbox environment and have no classlist set up.