Formatting lost when copying over from the HTML templates

Darvish.H.7175 Posts: 3 🌱
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Hi I am trying to copy and paste a simple callout card from our template course to my original course but the formatting is lost in the process, the template is showing as a green bordered box while the pasted version is plain grey with no formatting.
how can i preserve formatting when copy-pasting?
I am pasting the html code from the template and pasting. tried to copy the component in edit mode directly as well its not working.


  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 263 🌟

    @Darvish.H.7175 Hi Darvish, did you apply a template to the page before pasting to it? It needs to have the correct code for the CSS styles to work.

  • Darvish.H.7175
    Darvish.H.7175 Posts: 3 🌱

    Thanks @Jennifer.W.973 I looked in to the source code and found that there are some missing css references and managed to get around it by re creating the page, now it makes sense that the templates are where these codes are hiding.
    Thanks again, its all working! 🙂