Utilizing LOR to share PDFs not working.

melissa.m.56 Posts: 2 🔍
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I published a PDF to my LOR, however when the link is used on a mobile device, it doesn't show the entire document. Only the title page. When the link is used on a computer, there are not issues.

Is there a way to fix this? Did I set up the LOR incorrectly?



  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 343 admin

    Hi @melissa.m.56 ,

    Thanks for connecting with the Brightspace Community. A few thoughts come to mind to help troubleshoot this.

    Can I ask if you are using our Pulse app on a mobile device or are you opening in a browser? Elements will always render best through our Pulse app.

    I'm connecting you with documentation on publishing LOR's in case it is helpful to understand what files types are supported.

    If you are using Pulse and have connected with the documentation and are still experiencing this issue, please submit a support case so that our IT folks can take a closer look at your situation to understand better what could be the cause and provide troubleshooting workflows.