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Jessica.N.3343 Posts: 2 New Community Member
I need some help tiding up my grade center. At the moment every student (of which I have 573 of them), shows every co hort against there name. I am Wondering how i can tidy this up so I only have the columns for the three assessment items, so it is less messy and less likely to Casuse an input error while trying to scroll across the Ballot paper to find the cohort


  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 254

    Hi Jessica,

    When in the Grades tool, in the Enter Grades tab

    • Select More Actions.
    • Select Hide/Show Columns from More Actions.
    • Select the checkbox to the left of the grade items you want to hide/show in the Enter Grades tab

    With grade items hidden, when returning to the Enter Grades tab you will notice the following:

    Note: Some grade items/categories are not displayed, 
    click More Actions - Hide/Show Columns to change which items are visible.

    Hope that helps!