Is all the information we need to know for ourselves and our students found on this site?

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Hi Brightspace community! I'm a first time user and wondering if all the information I need to know can be found on this site and through the you tube videos?

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  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Paula.M.7636
    We're so glad you're here!
    This site has lots of documentation and videos, as well as discussion forums like this one in case you're looking for something and need an extra hand.

    While we won't have information on this site that may be very specific to your school and it's processes - if your question is about how to use D2L Brightspace as an Administrator, Educator, or Learner- we hope to help you!

    This article, we call the Community Tour offers an introduction to some of the resources you'll be able to find here in Community

    Don't be shy to leave us a note if you're looking for something in particular :)
    Cheering for you!