Viewing Word Track Changes in submitted Assignments


Hi there! One of our courses has an assignment where students must submit a peer reviewed document. We noticed that when the reviewer uses Track Changes in Word it doesn't show in the Assignment viewer, you have to download the document in order to see the Track Changes. Not every reviewer uses Track Changes so right now, my advice to the instructor would be - if you don't see reviewer comments in the Assignment viewer, download the file to see if they used Track Changes. Is there a workaround or setting to be able to see the Track Changes in the viewer or does anyone have any other advice?

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  • Mohit.B.878
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    Hello @Jaymi.W.61

    Thank you for reaching out to D2L through the Brightspace Community. I'm a member of the Product Support team. If you haven't created a support case yet, I would suggest you do so, so one of our agents can look into it and investigate further.

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    Mohit Bhargav

  • Jaymi.W.61
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    Thank you, @Mohit.B.878, I will do that.

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Jaymi.W.61 The Assignment viewer converts the Word documents to PDFs in the browser, so Track Changes will not be available until you download the original file and open it in Word.