"Third party tool" label unnecessary

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Just a comment on the phrase "3rd Party Tool" in the PIE link on the Community site. I can guess why it was added; too many complaints through the D2L Helpdesk re things they can't control. However, for three reasons I would recommend removing it. One, it's more text and, in my opinion, anything you can do reduce the amount of text on the Community site is a step in the right direction. Two, I have been here awhile and understand the meaning of this "3rd Party Tool" label, but not everyone will. It feels like insider language, jargon the implications of which will likely not be understood by many users on the platform. And three, probably most important, D2L has chosen to use brightidea.com to host an essential component of its Community, the PIE. So, rather than using distancing language, every effort should be made to present this external tool as a unified part of the whole, not as somehow separate.

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    Hi @Mike.B.559
    Each point of feedback you've shared here is- true to your style- thoughtfully considered.
    We aren't able to remove that 3rd party tool label on the PIE links- but your feedback and focus on creating a more unified and consistent Community Experience is very deeply appreciated and truly spurring on important conversation here at D2L.

    Are you heading to Fusion this year? The Community Team is sharing an early prototype of a new design change we'd like to make to the "ask a question' workflow- with an aim to further simplify and streamline the experience. I'd love your take on it. Last year you'd shared some feedback on Community Categories and how they impact the question asking workflow. We implemented a change based on that feedback and testing at Fusion- but I think this next change could be even better. Even if you're not onsite at Fusion- let's find a time (if you'd like to) to look at the new designs.

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    DM sent.