Is there a way to remove or change the "Recommended" label beside Lato?

Maureen.B.923 Posts: 115 🧭
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In the absence of being able to call on our custom font, Marketing has approved the use of Arial. It would be great to point our instructional designers to this font.

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  • Andrea.M.553
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    Hello Maureen,

    There is a configuration variable that sets the default font face to be used for new content topics created with the HTML Editor - d2l.Tools.Content.FontFace.

    This will not remove (Recommended), but it will default the font to Arial.




  • Maureen.B.923
    Maureen.B.923 Posts: 115 🧭

    Thanks. Can you give feedback to the Community team that it doesn't show up easily in search results? I tried searching for "recommend font" and "change font" and even limited search results to Administrator documents, but the config variables never came up.

    I'll submit a PIE to be able to remove the "Recommended" label.