In Classlist, is there a way to send an email to all people who have not accessed course?

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On Email Classlist, I tried to generate a list of people who had not accessed the course. I tried using Last Accessed. However, I couldn't enter a blank Start or End Date, and when I entered an end date of a few months ago, the results excluded those with blank "Last Accessed."


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    Hi @Mohit.B.878-

    Since you recommended setting up Intelligent Agents, I assume that means there is not a way to send a similar email through Classlist. I'm confirming because I'm creating some trainings for our instructors, and I am trying to get a handle on the capabilities of Email Classlist.


  • Mohit.B.878
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    Hello @Annette.P.996,

    Thank you for reaching out to D2L through the Brightspace Community. I'm a member of the Product Support team. It appears you are trying to send an email to users who have not accessed the course from classlist .

    I suggest setting up an Intelligent Agent for the course, as There is a criterion for Course Activity: "User has not accessed the course in the last (x) days," which will automatically identify and trigger an email based on a set schedule.

    I am attaching documentation on to set up Intelligent Agents for your reference:

    Best regards,
    Mohit Bhargav